Ink Rain    

Artist statement

As an artist I focus strongly on concept design and development in many different contexts and media. I believe that diversity is very important for an artist. I also believe that art is about communication and making connections between people. Art moves people, brings them joy, makes them think but most of all art is fun.

My design work has the same focus on communication and attention to detail. When creating a logo for example I will consider how it will appear in the different contexts such as web delivery, mono printing and large scale banner ads. This is essential to create a design that will not only look good in various contexts but be adaptable to each.

Digital art has the potential to be used in an amazing number of applications. That is not to say that traditional art is outdated and useless. Quite the contrary, my digital art and design is only possible from a strong foundation in traditional art forms. My graphic art work has a strong focus on character design and development. As an extension of this I make puppets and am a member of the Pooka Puppetry Company as a performer. I have also produced animation and short film.

I have also developed my own unique style called Ink Rain, which emerged from doodles in the margins used as an aid to concentration in my mid school years. I have since developed my Ink Rain style into a unique and exciting art form. This style is based on the balance between small shapes and the corresponding white space. The style also uses smaller figures as shapes themselves to form part of the larger figure. The balance and contrast between the positive and negative spaces can be played with to form interesting patterns. The careful creation of the smaller shapes and their relation to one another gives the image a unique feel.
I also use Ink Rain to create individualised portraits. The client provides reference photos and a list of words and objects which are then included within the subject of the portraits to be discovered by the viewer.
Ink Rain has been put to various new media including felt sculpture, wood carving, fabric printing, stencil cutouts and engraving. This is showcased at the InkRain Overflow exhibition (SALA 2008)

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia, with Honours, from the University of South Australia in 2007 and have since been a practicing artist. I have exhibited my work in both solo and group exhibitions.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Artist Statement